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Kid+One Beginner Guitar Class @ the Quest Center

The Quest Center is pleased to offer Kid+One Beginner Guitar classes, an opportunity for a child and one adult in their life to learn, play & create music together. Our objective is to provide them with the confidence and fundamental tools to do all three.

Students will learn and apply the following material:

  • recognize basic musical symbols;
  • identify notes on a musical staff;
  • locate fret board positions for notes;
  • create clear, resonate tones;
  • learn simple chord formats;
  • read & play basic lines of music;
  • begin gaining confidence that comes from playing with and for others.
  • This class is most appropriate for students with little or no experience, or who want to re-connect with the instrument.

The ‘Kid’ should be ages 10-15; the ‘+One’ should be 21 or older, preferably living in same household as their registered counterpart.

Each session lasts 45 minutes. $20 per couple; subsidies are available for qualified families. Confidentiality assured, so please give us a call at 615 326 5090 or email

It’s expected that students have their own instruments in good playing condition, specifically acoustic guitars, strings and picks. However, a limited number of guitars are available for in-class use.

We will do our best to accommodate all families who wish to participate, however special needs may require specialized instructor qualifications that are not readily available during the term of this program.