Taylor Eagleson, Student Advisor

Musician; Student at Creek Wood High School, Dickson County, TN

Taylor is a 2016 freshman at Creek Wood High School in Dickson County, TN and our first Student Advisor. He’s been part of the Quest Center community for 2 years, continuously demonstrating his passion for learning, creating and challenging himself through music.

“Music has always had a huge impact on me. The Quest Center welcomed me, and continues to inspire and teach me about music, business and life. I’ve been surrounded by incredible musicians who’ve generously shared many things that will help me make it in music. These opportunities would never have been available to me and others without the Quest Center. It’s an amazing program with amazing leadership and vision, and I’m proud to serve as a Student Advisor.”

A prolific lyricist and songwriter, Taylor’s compositions have typically favored acoustic melodies, but he’s recently begun transitioning to a more electric/acoustic hybrid. “Music is a huge part of my life. Every experience seems to teach me something new.” And with such passion and commitment, we’re thrilled to have Taylor as a member of our Advisory Board. Welcome, Taylor!