Thank you for your interest in supporting the Quest Center.

Support and contributions come in many forms.  Please help us by sharing and raising awareness of our programs within your network.  These and future programs are only successful with the support and participation of many people & organizations. 

Please consider donations in the form of your time, talents or financial support.

Our current needs include:

Please contact for more information on how you can contribute, or call us at 615.326.5090

  • Help us expand our network of CORPORATE & INDIVIDUAL BENEFACTORS & DONORS

  • Help us REACH MORE FAMILIES with children who would benefit from our program

  • Help us expand our network of CURRENT MUSIC INDUSTRY RELATIONSHIPSto participate in student workshops & camps

  • Help us identify TALENTED EDUCATORS: selfless music educators with the ability to conduct classroom-style classes for 5-15 students, with after-school availability and age-appropriate communication & engagement skills. Musical proficiency NOT required.

  • Help us identify RELEVANT & EFFECTIVE BOARD MEMBERS: pre-requisite 3-month Advisory Board position

NOTE: Talent is not limited to musical proficiency.  If you’d like to get involved, let’s talk!