I feel like I was losing Dixie at only 11 years old, things were not good at all. She was sad, angry, reclusive. Not anymore, though. Dixie had become quite reclusive in our family, thankfully she is not anymore. She had been having trouble for a few years at school with teachers and other kids and it was wearing heavily on her. I can’t say enough, how much the Quest Center has positively impacted her life.

Since Dixie has been taking guitar lessons, she has found the first thing in life that she loves. She’s loves the attention she gets when she plays. She looks forward to classes… she is learning to participate in groups. Before the Quest Center she always wanted to be alone so all the attention was on her. She’s always craved attention but always tried to get it negatively.

I’m proud of her, she needed something in her life and the Quest Center came into her life at just the right time. As a 1 income family of 6, we could not provide Dixie with lessons without the Quest Center. Thank you for all you do! I believe guitar lessons and music in general is a game changer in Dixie’s life. The Quest Center has truly changed her. We could not be more proud of all the positive changes we have seen in her.
— Mother of 12-year-old Dickson Middle School student
The music program at the Quest Center really brought my daughter out of her shell. After just one semester, emotionally she was a changed person. It built her self-confidence, her self-esteem. She became more outgoing. She just seemed to love life more.
— Mother of 12-year-old homeschooled student
“Thank you for being such a good teacher to Tom. He has learned an amazing amount and is just totally in love with his guitar. It’s one thing to teach the notes, it’s another to teach the love of the art. You have done both. Thank you!”
— Parent of 14 year old WJ Middle School student
“I didn’t realize how much Payton had learned… until he was talking to you and it sounded like a foreign language! I am sure he learned more last year than all his other years of guitar combined.”
— Mother of 13 year old homeschooled student
“Zach is a fidgety kid who typically lacks confidence. But this class has helped make him more comfortable around others. Recently, we were at a family gathering and he would typically sit around and mingle with the kids his age, but he, unprompted, went to the car and got his guitar and played “Amazing Grace” for the family. He is proud of what he can do and seems to want to continue to pursue it, which for me was 1 of the goals. I can’t say enough good things about the program and the instructors. They are patient and understanding and really know what they are doing. They also know how to help a kid who is struggling. They are willing to slow everything down and make sure that everyone in the class is on the same page and understanding. Staff has been so helpful with Zach, who can have issues focusing on tasks and sitting still for longer than a few minutes at a time. They really seem to care about their students and that, in and of itself, is enough to keep me coming back. Not to mention, they are great instructors who can work with kids of all ages and skill levels.”
— Father of 10 year old Stuart-Burns Elementary student
“The Quest Center is a great program for kids to learn about and get to express themselves through music. My son, Mason, has been attending the Quest Center for almost 2 years and absolutely loves it. Before attending the Quest Center, Mason was a shy kid and wouldn’t speak in front of his class at school. But now he will get up in front of large groups and play guitar with ease. And I know it’s all because of the Quest Center that my child plays and loves music the way he does. They always have creative ways to get and keep kids interested in music. This is truly a great program to teach and inspire kids, and to do this in a positive learning environment is important. And that is exactly what the Quest Center offers.”
— Heather S., Mother of Charlotte Middle School teen
“ Jim, thanks so much for an incredible week (of summer camp) and a memorable performance day! I am so pleased with everything. You have a truly special organization and a palpable passion for your work. Thank you. Let’s keep in touch and continue to work together!”

— Maggie Haggerty, Executive Director, Clement Railroad Hotel Museum
“I can’t get over how much she has learned in such a short amount of time.”

— Mother of Stuart-Burns 4th grade student
“I see the self-esteem of children – not just my own children, but all children who attend classes at the Quest Center – rise, really improve. Not just because they’re learning something, but because the staff believes in them, and they start to believe in themselves.”

— Mother of 4 Quest Center students, ages 12-17
My son Grant has always been my shy kid and had developed test anxiety… it was so bad he would sit at his desk and break pencils during tests. I work at his school and knew he had the best teachers, but it was internal pressure he was placing on himself that was holding him back. After guitar lessons with the Quest Center I was seeing major changes in Grant. Today, he has so much confidence and has found the thing that makes him happy. The Quest Center staff makes all students feel like rock stars. It’s not that Grant doesn’t have anxiety anymore, it’s that he is learning how to push through it. I love listening to him play, but as his mom, I love what’s happening with his education and his spirit even more. I think that the Quest Center has given Grant a skill that will always be with him. Now my younger son has started lessons at the Quest Center and our journey is continuing.
— Mother of 11-year-old Dickson Middle School student
I never had role models in my life until I was introduced to the Quest Center. It’s been honestly the best thing in my life, that I’ve ever experienced and had in my life.
— 15-year-old McGavock High School student (formerly CWHS and DCHS)
“My children have immensely enjoyed taking guitar class at the Quest Center. Not only have all 3 of them progressed in their ability to play from the music they are reading, their self-esteem has greatly improved. My 9 year old daughter, in particular, has truly come out of her shell and is more confident and outgoing than before she began taking guitar class. Taking classes at the Quest has helped my oldest daughter to discern her true passion in playing music. My 13 year old son, who is highly self-motivated and quick to pick up new concepts, has absolutely flourished in his musical ability. Staff are remarkably intuitive and have the ability to teach music and build the self-esteem of the children simultaneously. The children thoroughly enjoy each class, and while they vary in the amount of time they practice individually throughout the week, they all seem to retain the concepts they’ve learned during class. I know this is due in large part to the energetic and engaging teaching style.”
— Mother of four children ages 18, 13 and 9 in Dickson, TN
“The Quest Center works so hard with Dickson County youth… They have given my son… more confidence in himself and the gift of love for music and his growing into a better young man.”
— Mother of Charlotte Middle School student
“Thank you for the Quest Center’s enthusiastic music sessions during DHA Summer Camp. The campers thoroughly enjoyed each session. You definitely were able to reach, connect and inspire many of our campers. We hope to partner again in 2017. Thank you on behalf of all the campers, staff and volunteers.”

— Reginald Weaver, Dickson Housing Authority Summer Camp
“And he is having so much fun – you certainly have a way with these kids. I appreciate the time you are putting into designing a curriculum that is both challenging and within reach. You are adding to the quality of life of these individuals in a way that will go beyond the weekly sessions.”
— Mother of 10 year old child with Downs Syndrome
“New Directions Academy is a public alternative school… students have behavioral and learning disabilities… Mr. Lutz’s guitar class has had a positive impact on all involved. Students have improved social skills… students give and receive positive feedback and accept constructive criticism. Students offer support and encouragement to each other… They have improved their ability to follow directions. One student in particular has benefitted… Austin has developed an enthusiasm for playing, has more self-confidence and interacts more frequently with peers. The students have really enjoyed the lessons…”

— Dr. Marvene Fultz, Site Director at New Directions Academy
“Music has helped Becky increase her memory. Music gives her a sense of achievement… Becky’s social skills have improved. Her self-confidence shows in every aspect of her life. Becky is becoming more willing to volunteer and socialize… her self-esteem has increased. Becky has learned to work as part of a team and to be a team player.”

— Cindy McLean, Director of Day Services, Developmental Services of Dickson County