Drew Williams

Artist, educator, Principal/Superintendent Tuacahn Performing Arts High School, Ivins, UT

When Drew was 5 years old, his parents took him into a local music shop and told him to pick what he wanted to play. The only catch was that he had to commit. The coolest instrument hanging on the wall was a fiddle and that evening, with hope and excitement in the station wagon, they traveled home with a shiny instrument.

33 years later, Drew continues to play the fiddle (albeit a different one from that first purchase) and has picked up the mandolin and guitar along the way. With an emphasis of mostly jazz and bluegrass throughout his childhood, Drew has had the opportunity to play a wide variety of music all across the world. Touring in over 15 countries and half of the US, he honed his craft as a utility musician with regional and national acts.

Drew married the talented singer-songwriter and musician, Lacey Williams in 2005, and after their move to Nashville, have worked on their duo project and sound. Throughout this work in the music industry, he pursued his other passion – education. He earned is doctorate of education in 2013 and currently is the Principal at Creek Wood High School in Dickson County, TN.

Working with students impacts the sound and work he and his wife do as musicians, realizing the importance of expanding the arts in the education setting. Drew & Lacey have released two records and are currently working on their third. For more information, please visit www.drewandlacey.com.