WHAT: The Quest Center Student Jam

WHEN: Due to limited studio space and scheduling priorities, our student jams have been temporarily suspended.

WHERE: The Quest Center, 202 East Railroad Street, Dickson, TN (along railroad tracks between Center Ave & Quest Alley). Parking & entrance is at rear of building, facing the Walnut Street Church of Christ parking lot.

PARKING: Limited parking is available in our lot, directly behind building. Additional free parking is available in the neighborhood and throughout downtown Dickson.

QUESTIONS: / 615.326.5090


NOTE: Due to limited studio space and scheduling priorities, our student jams have been temporarily suspended.

Join us the second Thursday of each month between 7:00-8:15pm for the Quest Center Student Stringjam — a chance for Quest Center students of various ages and skill levels to come together, make new friends & enjoy playing music in a laid-back, no-pressure hang. 

If you’re an experienced, elite musician looking for a place to flex your chops, this is DEFINITELY NOT your jam.  We are here to serve our students, we encourage & support our guests and we accept (and enjoy) being equals among all levels of student strummers & pickers.

If you’re a student musician who wants to be more comfortable & confident playing with others in a welcoming, supportive and fun environment, this IS your jam. But you gotta show up! If you’re uncomfortable walking through the door for the very first time – just c’mon in and grab a seat! Sit back and watch until it feels right to jump in. Come for a few numbers, or stay for the night! But be sure to bring a few of your favorite (easy) tunes to share!

It’s crucial that we maintain a culture of friendship, where everyone can accept (and enjoy) being equals among all levels & styles of musicianship. And since we all have a better time when we know what to expect and what’s expected, please read on… and be share with your guests.

  • We follow a round-robin, circle format – when it’s your turn, you pick the tune! Please consider songs that are heavy on basic major chords so everyone can jump right in. Solos optional!

  • Please observe jam courtesy. Everyone wants to hear and be heard, so please be sensitive to your volume. It’s tough for vocals and mando solos to compete with 12 rhythm guitars!

  • Respect everyone’s song selections, even if they’re not in your wheelhouse. HEY – IT’S MUSIC! It’s what brought us together in the first place. You’ll get to choose when it’s your turn

  • Ego and attitude check at the door. We’re a community. Welcome, encourage & respect all guests and skill levels.

  • Please – no alcohol, tobacco or vapor products.



Please be sure everyone understands the format of the jam before they arrive. We want your guests to feel welcome, comfortable and respected. HELP EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT TIME!

So bring along your favorite jam tunes and your instrument(s) of choice. We welcome most unplugged instruments. Our objective is to provide a cool place where student musicians of all skill levels can gather and enjoy making music together. Strings, vocals, wind, keys, harmonica, accordion, limited percussion… Heck, if you can sit in a circle and play it, bring it on!

BTW – we’re genre agnostic. We love anything, especially with basic major chords so everyone can play along.